MINIS FORUMS41 Stick PCサイレントファンを搭載して動作が安定したモデル


OS Windows10 Home
CPU Intel Celeron N4120
メモリ 4GB
ストレージ 64GB

Desert of the Dead – @The Mountains of Minis

· Desert of the Dead. By. Tom July 13, 2021. TTcombat, who seem to run their kickstarters by the name Troll Trader these days, have to date run three massively successful kickstarters. They make cheap resin minis obviously intended for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and/or Age of Sigmar use, with rank and file armies as their main focus.

Colouring in old Bones pt III – @The Mountains of Minis

· About a month ago I started Project Colouring In to get some colour on the oldest of my Bones minis, otherwise condemned to stand around unpainted and unloved. The Plan was thus: “So, what I have done for now, is to assign ten of my mini holders (=old glass


· スティックPC/MINIS FORUM S40/Windows 10 Pro x64をモニター裏面に貼り付け!簡易なスポンジ両面テープでの作業、スティックPC/S40 の重量に耐えられるかは疑問、梱包材のウレタン材に放熱用のくぼみ切り取りでモニター裏面に置いて使用していた …

Mailbag #2 — Wait But Why

· Mailbag #2. April 14, 2021 By Tim Urban. Last month, I emailed readers announcing an upcoming mailbag post—the WBW post version of an AMA. 1,500 questions poured in—remarkably interesting, creative questions on a wide range of topics. I picked some for this round, and we’re keeping the rest in a database that I’ll go back to for future …

What Every Geek Must Know | Hackaday

· What Every Geek Must Know. How is it possible that there’s a geek culture? I mean, it’s one thing to assume that all folks of a nerdy enough bent will know a …

Got a little wood – @The Mountains of Minis

· Got a little wood. By. maledrakh June 6, 2021. Playing around with cheap craft paints and large brushes lets you do very large models in a jiffy. Such as these treemen. The log-monster to the left is on a 60mm base…Mossbeard to the right needed a two part printed base, as my printer did not have a large enough print bed at the time I printed it.

Nanote P8 is a tiny convertible laptop with a 7 inch display and a Pentium N4200 processor ($300 in Japan) – Liliputing

· The Nanote P8 is a miniature laptop computer with a 7 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel IPS LCD touchscreen display, QWERTY keyboard, and a 360-degree hinge that lets you fold the screen back and use the …


· Windows研究機構 新しい窓口blogger.comからのスタート blogger.comにYahooブログから移籍、6年4ヶ月もの長期掲載は窓口終了 とりあえず手探りで基礎作り、 人生で初めて利用したgoogleブログがblogger.comに進化 触っている限りでは違和感がない Windows 10をはじめとするPCでの各種実験や情報・使い方が …

20+ Extending Gable Roof Over Deck – The Urban Decor

· 1x with 2x blocks should be sufficient. Extending gable roof over deck. The cost of extending my 30 foot long roof overhang 14 inches was 340 or 1150 per running foot for materials. Extended rakes with large fascia boards and brackets harken to homes of the past and add authentic detail. This cost did not include any labor or waste disposal fees.


· Windows 10四方山噺602 (今回の置き方) MINIS FORUM S40/Windows 10 Pro x64スティックPCモニター裏面貼り付けは、 重量負荷をスポンジ強力両面テープが支えられずテーブル置きに戻す! 両面テープの枚数を増やして貼り付け位置の移動対…

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