サイズ(cm) 12.4×10.4×8.4
重量(g) 195
機能 折りたたみ可、角度調節可、横置き可

Virtual lessons and how to analyze the shot using video – Understanding …

· Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more students are beginning to opt for virtual lessons online. As a coach, this is a very understandable approach to me. Of course there are challenges to holding a virtual lesson as opposed to an “in person

Conserving Forests Using AI — Collective Crunch (Ep 2) – Sanpram …

· Forestry has a long-standing perception of being a pretty low-tech, primitive industry — after all, they just “chop trees and sell the wood.” While the business at the core is exactly as simple as that, a big fat element of detail we often forget is that when you have to manage millions of hectares of wild forest land as a company, the challenge is anything but simple!

A Time-Series Analysis of my Girlfriends Mood Swings – Journal of Astrological Big Data Ecology

· Mood swing severity has been logged and time stamped with a subjective empathic pain scale, as well as time and monetary loss. Figure 1: Empathetic mood pain scale Robert Weis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons. The Time-Series Analysis and modeling was only 15% of the work to develop the optimal TMFM. Before Tiffany’s historical mood data …

A quick guide on chart pattern – Digitalworld

· Let me explain using these 2 examples… Example #1: You spot a Bull Flag pattern in a downtrend. Example #2: You spot a Bull Flag pattern in an uptrend. And on the higher timeframe, the market had broken out of resistance and is trading at 52-week highs.

When to intubate a COVID patient? –

· So strong diaphragmatic effort produces more local negative swing in adjacent dependent areas than rest of the lungs. The higher local (dependent) lung stress then causes local overdistension [9] . It also results in substantial tidal recruitment (and de-recruitment at expiration) in the dependent lung[10], by drawing gas from other lung regions, for example, …

Stunning Lattice Fold Cards – MIXED UP CRAFT

· Enjoy 15% off Craft Label, Full price brands only, using my code CLSAM15 valid until the end of March 2021. You can apply this template to any size card you like, my card is a 5 x 7 size with a 4.3/4 x 6.3/4 and 4.1/2 & 6.1/2 mat and layer. Check out my tutorial below to see how I made these. Thank you for stopping by today. Happy crafting. Sam.

MAKE these Adorable Swinging Boat Cards! – MIXED UP CRAFT

· Hi everyone, today I’m sharing these adorable Swinging Boat Cards made using dies from my new Fun at the Fair collection available from Craft Stash here. I think this is my favourite of the 3 rides, this particular ride brings back some lovely childhood memories for

Practical DIY Desk Storage! – MIXED UP CRAFT

· Along the short side cut through 1 side at 7′ and then fold. Divide and mark the 7′ section so you have x4, 1.3/4 sections. 1 piece of 4.3/4 x A3 length, 3′ x A3 length, 1.1/2 x A3 length, 3/4′ x A3 length for the main dividers. 2 pieces of 7.1/8 x 4.3/4 greyboard for the sides. Lots of 1′ strips of paper to reinforce all the joins.

“Afghanistan, we hear you:” Community Holds Rally for Afghans Caught in Crisis – Double …

· Afghanistan, we hear you. We march for not only your lives. But for you as people of this world. For us as the world.”. Full text of Lori Bell’s speech. The rally—which lasted for over two hours—ended after the conclusion of Bell’s speech. The Rally for Afghanistan poses for a photograph before leaving the Saturday Market.

Lauren Witzke: I Went On A Date With A Double Vaxxed Socialist

· Print. I went on a date with a Double-Vaxxed Socialist. If any of you follow my Telegram chat groups or Gab socials, you’ll find that it is overrun with insufferable morons who tell me that I need to lose weight and find a husband immediately. So fine, I’m down 10 pounds and decided to take their advice- I went out on a date.

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