Smokey SundayEPM YOSEMITE STRAP PRO過酷な環境でも耐えられるストラップ


全長 120cm

Groover Playlist 67 | Your Super Sunday Soundtrack – Tinnitist

· In 1984 I had my first professional experience with a band called The Nightworkers; I spent two years with them playing in Morocco and Greece. In 1987 I joined Rocky Roberts Orchestra, touring across Italy. From that time I played in other bands and with,

Left L.A. by Stephen Jacques – Warlock Asylum International News

· Left L.A. by Stephen Jacques. By Warlock Asylum on. The Virginia-based and globally renowned alternative rock musician Stephen Jacques dazzles his fans and lovers of the genre with an incredible new single and video titled “Left L.A.”. The song is an acoustic hummer that displays some sarcastic prose fit for an emerging post-pandemic society.

Bobby Broom Interview with Jazz Guitar Life – Jazz Guitar Life

· We began modestly by playing regularly on Sunday nights for the door at a small club in Chicago. Our music and reputation began to develop from there.The group really has helped me in all of the ways that I thought it would and it satisfies the drive that I have that is purely about musical expression through the jazz guitar medium.

The Practice Rocks: 2021

There are some bands that play covers in their own way, some bad, some good and some the Lockdown Docs way. The EP clocks in at just beyond the 18 minutes mark (which is the only downside of this release – should have been an extended version, if you

Column: Looking forward to new music from the Killers – The Daily …

· Column: Looking forward to new music from the Killers. Last August, I wrote a column giving my opinions on the Killers’ latest album, “Imploding the Mirage.”. The band has announced a follow-up album that is supposedly due for August, according to drummer Ronnie Vannucci. This short release schedule what I expect from the Killers, and I …

There’s something about September that wants to kill you. – The …

· There’s something about September that wants to kill you. I’ve been blogging steadily for almost 15 years now. I blogged when people didn’t know what blogging was. I blogged when it was popular. I blogged when blogging was declared dead and was sneered at. I blog now when it’s being rediscovered by a new generation.

Column: Pitchfork needs to reprioritize – The Daily Eastern News

· Pitchfork’s review of the band’s 2019 debut, “Dogrel,” gave the album an 8 out of 10 and looks past the obvious post-punk influence and cites things like 60’s garage rock and surf music as an important part of the band’s sound. However, there is also some pretentiousness to note. Interpol’s fifth record, “El Pintor,” received …

Screaming Fastcore

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Sky Edmonton Condo

Sky Edmonton Condo, Power Sky, Sky Edmonton Condo

Not PC: The Political Hocus-Pocus They Call Modern Monetary …

· The Political Hocus-Pocus They Call Modern Monetary Theory. Modern Monetary Theory claims to be both new and a theory of economics — one that claims you really can get something for nothing as long as the bill is always sent to the government. But as Per Bylund explains inthius guest post, it is not a theory of how the economy works at all …

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