Razer(レイザー)Basilisk V211個のボタンを搭載、20,000DPIのハイクラス有線マウス

「Razer Basilisk V2」は、プログラム可能な11個のボタンを搭載した有線ゲーミングマウス。スクロールホイールは自由に負荷をカスタマイズでき、好みの感度に調整できます。20,000DPIオプティカルセンサーにより、高精度のカーソル操作を実現。オンボードメモリ機能や、耐久性の高いオプティカルスイッチとRazer独自の要素も搭載しています。

センサー(解像度) 20,000DPI
スイッチ オプティカルスイッチ
ボタン数 11
重量 92g
接続方法 有線(Speedflex ケーブル)

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· The Razer Basilisk V2 is that the best gaming mouse for those seeking a rat with versatility. The updated mouse’s sensor packs impressive specs, including up to a huge 20,000 CPI. once we gamed with the Basilisk V2, tracking …

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· Finally, you’ll need to make sure that Yeelight is enabled. With Razer Synapse 3 open go to Connect > Devices and make sure Chroma Connect and Yeelight is switched on. At this point your Yeelight devices should now be connected and synchronized with Razer Chroma RGB. Now let go over all of the goodies we have available to us.

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· This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a magic keys razer chroma profile design. The Razer chroma profile was originally created on Razer Synapse 2 by lakewrightcakew9. The clip for the original can be seen on this video. Another really cool lighting design that is similar to this one is Rainbow Fall.

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· Razer Devices Used in this Profile. Huntsman V2 Analog (Keyboard) Huntsman Elite (Keyboard) Huntsman Mini – Mercury White – (60% Keyboard) Basilisk Ultimate (Wireless Mouse) Firefly V2 (Mouse Pad) HDK LED Light Strip (Not Available) Nommo Chroma (Desktop Speakers) Chroma RGB Controller.

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· Conclusion. The Witch’s Brew Razer chroma profile is an RGB lighting design is worthy of any desktop during the month of October. If you liked this design, be sure to check out my Chroma-kin and Casper the Chroma Ghost chroma profile for your Halloween setup.

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