タイプ ファイバー
画素数 200万画素
接続方法 Wi-Fi

Best Tech of 2021 – Phandroid

· 2021 has been quite an interesting year, with plenty of ups and downs in the tech world to make your head spin. But today, we’re looking at the best of …

Interview: Manjuu – Figubo

· 3. Create a separate layer for the area you want to transform and use the Transform tool to create the shape of the muscle. 4. Create the desired shape, add highlights and shadows, and you are done. One thing to keep in mind is that if you make it look too much like a real person, it will actually look creepier.

Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic” – Krebs on Security

· Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”. On Jan. 11, Ubiquiti Inc. [NYSE:UI] — a major vendor of cloud-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as …

Global Trail Cameras Will Grow at a CAGR of 3.5% in Terms of …

· The bullish run in the trail camera market continues in 2018, with an incremental growth of 18,000 units over 2017. A new Fact.MR study offers an in-depth analysis on the key factors at play in this market. According to the study, increasing wildlife exploration and rising demand for higher security and surveillance are instrumental in driving sales of trail cameras. […]

Should I Automate This? | Hackaday

· I have devised a rule for myself: no matter how long it takes, and how often you do it, never automate anything that is fun or pleasant to do. This is one reason why I never got a …

The End Of The Electromechanical Era | Hackaday

· When viewed from the far future, the early years of the 21st century will probably be seen as the end of a short era in human technological development. In the beginning of the 20th century, most …

Five Things You Should Do If Your IP Address is Blacklisted

· End If your IP address has been boycotted, then, at that point, it’s not the end of the planet, and you do not need to stress unreasonably over it. Help yourself by knowing what is. IT cheeky individuals can help you out, and by and large, you’re your rescuer if you attempt your hands and get it off the posting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite receiving July 2021 security update – …

· The July 2021 security update is now rolling out for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite smartphones. The latest update sports firmware version N770FXXS7EUF2, which is currently rolling out in select European markets such as Poland.Two days back, the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ started receiving the July 2021 security patch in a number of countries.

Infiray iRay Bolt TL-35 3-12x Thermal Scope Review – …

· Infiray iRay Bolt TL-35 3-12x Thermal Scope U.S.A. –-( a red-blooded American thinks of thermal optics, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the movie Predator.. The …

REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam — best of dashcam

· REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.16″ Display,170 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with Sony Sensor,Support 256GB Max Real Ultra HD 4K + 1080P Dual Dashcam

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