重さ(g) 5.3g
形式 カナル型
接続方法 ワイヤレス

News – New IEM launches (KZ, HiBy & Fidue)

· KZ ZAS. A couple of days ago, KZ launched the new ZAS, a 8 driver per side hybrid from the brand who popularized hybrids in the budget IEM market. With the ZAS, they have opted for a single dynamic driver paired with 7 balanced armature drivers, in a shell that contains a new acoustic cavity structure according to KZ.

Linsoul KZ ZAX 1DD+7BA Hybrid Driver HiFi in-Ear Earphones …

· Linsoul KZ ZAX 1DD+7BA Hybrid Driver HiFi in-Ear Earphones with Zin Alloy Shell, Detachable 2 Pin 0.75mm OFC Cable(with Mic, Black) Reviews So you can check out the other reviews at Amazon.com only with $70.99

とらチャンBLOG: NRAより良くなってる!KZ ZEX

· KZからZEX Proを提供いただけることになりましたので、その前に素のZEXを聴いておきたいと思います。以前紹介済みのCCA NRAのプレート変えただけの商品と思っていたら違ったみたいでした。KZ ZEX イヤホン有線の低電圧静電技術設計+ダイナミックハイブリッドデュアルユニット ハイブリット型HIFI …

Review: Queen of Audio (QoA) Adonis – Remarkable Beauty – Headphones…

· The Adonis have the same driver configuration as Queen of Audio (QoA)’s first pair of IEMs launched in 2019, the Pink Lady.After studying the feedback for the last two years, the Adonis can be considered an improved version of their predecessor in …

Review: Noble Zephyr – Refreshing as a Breeze – Headphonesty

· Review: Noble Zephyr – Refreshing as a Breeze. Good-looking, comfortable IEMs with a balanced, vibrant sound signature from Noble. The Zephyr offers a refreshing and rather special presentation. The Noble Audio Zephyr are one of the latest products brought out by Noble Audio. They are hybrid, three- drivers per side IEMs.

Review: KB EAR Neon – Midrange First – Headphonesty

· Both of them are detailed down low, but the BL-03 have more body and better-layered bass. For midrange, the Neon place the vocals closer than the BL-03. The midrange clarity is slightly better in the Neon, even though the BL-03 aren’t far behind. Vocals sound more natural and realistic in the Neon than in the BL-03.

sound light desired: KZ DQ6 3DDの馬鹿力低音構成

KZ DQ6 3DDの馬鹿力低音構成. 今回ご紹介するイヤホンはKZ DQ6。. 10mmのDD1個と6mmのDD2個の合計3つのDDを搭載したイヤホンです。. 端子はqdc2PIN。. 手持ちのイヤホンは最近0.78 2PINかこれかのどっちかになってきましたね。. 金属プレートの背面デザインは艶消しの …

sound light desired: オススメイヤホン四選 NICEHCK,TRI-Audio,KZ

· オススメイヤホン四選 NICEHCK,TRI-Audio,KZ. 今まで使ってきた中で現時点のオススメを4機種に絞りました。. 価格、方向をざっくりと比較紹介したいと思います。. 画像左から. ・NICEHCK NX7 MK3 ・TRI-I3 ・KZ ZSTX ・KZ DQ6. つけ心地 MK3 > ZSTX > I3 > DQ6. 薄く、丸いボディの …

Review: Thieaudio Monarch – The Beautiful Ones – Headphones…

· The Monarch (USD $730) and Clairvoyance (USD $700) tribrids have received fairly universal praise in headphone circles. The internet buzz has been intense. I’ve had the opportunity to review several of the lesser Thieaudio siblings (Voyager 3, Legacy 3, and Legacy 5) and am quite impressed with all of them.

Review: MoonDrop Blessing2:Dusk – Crinacle’s Cohesive Collaboration – Headphones…

· Review: MoonDrop Blessing2:Dusk – Crinacle’s Cohesive Collaboration. The Blessing2:Dusk glows with the Christmas spirit. A holiday miracle. Polishing a Blessing for depth, clarity, and an oh-so-smooth shine. MoonDrop has made its name as a Chinese IEM manufacturer that offers excellent sound and high-end build quality for a reasonable price.

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