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KZ「ZAS」開封編レビュー~これはシルバーとは言わない~|あざらしイヤホン …

· KZの「ZAS」の開封編レビューです。厚みはありますが片側8ドライバーを詰め込みながらコンパクトに収まっています。そして片側8ドライバー、つまり16ドライバー構成で7500円程度とコスパはさすが中華イヤホンです。

6 Best Radio Headphones [2022] – Headphonesty

· Types of radio headphones Common mediums for radio are standalone transistors or in-car receivers. However, neither of these options is handy nor discreet. Radio headphones, on the other hand, are portable and can be stored easily. Plus, you can listen to your

KZ ZAS Review: The Sassy One

· KZ has been plagued by overwhelming lows, underwhelming mids, and superfluous highs for so long. With the ZAS, KZ has managed to reduce those flaws down to manageable, enjoyable levels. But of course, the improvement should not stop there. Considering the …

Review: Moondrop Quarks – The Fundamentals – Headphonesty

· Bottom Line. The Moondrop Quarks are very good for such a low asking price. They are very pleasing sounding earphones and their tonal balance is unheard of at such a budget amount. Unfortunately, their technicalities are subpar even compared to ~$20 earphones, but this is a compromise that has to be made for the ultra-affordable price.

Review: KZ ZS10 Pro In-Ear Monitors – Tech After Midnight™

· KZ ZS 10 Pro earbuds are so good, that they, along with my Motorola G100 phone, helped bring me out of my 5-year long tech-review hiatus. I’m not going to bury the lede, they are a crazy good upgrade from the cheap, nasty Earpods of yore and are significantly

Review: Moondrop Aria – Sweet Sounding, With a Touch of Class – Headphones…

· There’s a lot to like about the Moondrop Aria, and it says a lot about the pride the company has in them that they decided to reuse the name of the first generation. They’re stylish looking, comfortable, solidly built, and have a well-balanced frequency response. Available at Official Website. Available at Amazon.

Review: MoonDrop Blessing2:Dusk – Crinacle’s Cohesive Collaboration – Headphones…

· Review: MoonDrop Blessing2:Dusk – Crinacle’s Cohesive Collaboration. The Blessing2:Dusk glows with the Christmas spirit. A holiday miracle. Polishing a Blessing for depth, clarity, and an oh-so-smooth shine. MoonDrop has made its name as a Chinese IEM manufacturer that offers excellent sound and high-end build quality for a reasonable price.

とらチャンBLOG: KZ ZSN Pro 200時間エージング後の感想

· 前回のブログや動画で箱出しの感想をお届けしましたKZ ZSN Proですが200時間のエージングが終了しましたのでその感想をお話しします。 KZ ASXとZSN Proを購入してみた! こちらも2,350円と激安ですが、こちらは高域のキレイなところ、伸びやかな音が気に入りまし…

Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Review: Inappropriately Musical – In …

· Most of the time such headphones branded for the gamer crowd tend to be rather bassy so as to greater enhance cinematic effects, mostly explosions and vehicle noises. The PC38X barely has any kind of colouration going on with it, which could be a good thing when it comes to the music-focused audiophile crowd but not necessarily to the gamer crowd who …

Softears RSV: Unboxing – In-Ear Fidelity

· If you’re like me, you’d probably have heard whispers of this particular brand being mentioned around the IEM community, but not many (English) reviews of their products are floating around, if any at all. Softears is a Chinese audio company launched in 2017 and …

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