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リケーブルに対応した、ハイエンドモデルのカナル型イヤホン。磁気を効率よく電動する純鉄ヨークを使った13mmのドライバーを2基搭載した「DUAL PHASE PUSH-PULL DRIVERS」が、ハイレゾ音源を極限まで高解像度再生し、のびやかでキレのある音を実現しています。前後直進運動向上作用のあるアルミニウムスタビライザーにより忠実な音を再現し、高剛性チタニウムハウジングにより不要共振を徹底排除。快適にハイレゾ音源を聴くための技術が、惜しげもなくつめこまれた製品です。

本体重量(g) 約14g
ケーブルの長さ(m) 1.2m
出力音圧レベル(dB/mW) 110dB/mW
再生周波数帯域(Hz) 5~45,000Hz
インピーダンス(Ω) 12Ω
接続方法 有線

Understanding the Different Sound Signatures in Headphones

· Audio Technica, for example, is generally known for its balanced sound. Other brands will have several different headphone models with different sound signatures. For instance, Beyerdynamic offers a range of headphones with neutral, bright, v-shaped, and analytical sound signatures.

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· The bass frequencies are generally the first to be lost in a noisy environment, and one won’t be getting good sound if a poorly isolating set is competing against outside noise. In general, IEMS without vents (usually pure BA types) or closed-backed IEMs tend to have better isolation when compared to vented (usually DD types) or open-backed type IEMs, so pick your …

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· The Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M headphones deliver good quality sound at an affordable price point. They especially shine in the mids and highs where sound is detailed and clear . This is complemented by the wide frequency range , …

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· The 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM has AM/FM capability with a Bass Boost option. This allows you to enjoy music and radio programs with better dynamic clarity. It also comes with extra audio features and connectivity options, making these radio headphones our best overall pick.

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· The 7Hz Timeless’ bass response is one of the best in their price class. Despite an early rise in bass shelf (starting around 50Hz) the Timeless sound clean with no discernible bass-bleed. This rise also adds some thickness to the low-end with snare hits having a dense leading edge. Bass here is fast with good texture.

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· Due to the lack of a solid barrier outside the earcups, open-back headphones are open to airflow and ambient sound. These headphones will naturally let you hear your surroundings without needing any advanced form of technology. Sennheiser’s HD 414 is the world’s first open-back headphones.

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· Designed by snowboarders for snowboarders, these Bluetooth 5.0 headphones offer a balanced sound with deep bass for 10 hours of playtime. It has an IP45 rating which means that it is protected from objects greater than 1mm and low-pressure water jets from all directions.

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· Audio Enhancements, though designed to improve sound quality, can also be the source of many audio issues. Often, the adjustments made to the pitch, bass, and overall equalization of your computer’s sound doesn’t translate well over a Bluetooth connection.

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